Copper Box

Chas Smith will tell you he is a welder. He is, and a good one. I hired him do do the structural work on a 60′ tall sculpture I was in charge of fabrication for artist Jonathan Borofski. We became friends and as I got to know more found out he was also a very unique and in demand musician and composer for film scores with instruments he creates. Here is a link to “Copper Box” being played by him, as well as a link to all his music/film work on IMDB. Here is a link for his CDs. You have heard his work and didn’t know it. He is very humble about all his incredible skills, except welding. He will tell you he is a good welder. He has created kinetic motion work for many artists too. I recently came across a piece he created for artist Paul McCarthy that is amazing. It’s up on his FB page here. He is a humble guy with rare skills. Here’s a nice long interview where he’ll tell you all about it.