Growing up, art class was always Olivia’s favorite and her peers promoted this with paintbrushes and polymer clay. Olivia Warro began her journey at the University of North Florida, where she designed and built a large-scaleJumbo Shrimpsculpture. That same year, 2018, she performed at the International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art in Scranton, PA. Olivia had the privilege of displaying her artwork at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2018, where she was selected to build thelarge-scale Deersculpture that currently resides in Hemming Park.

Olivia graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Florida in 2019, and held her Senior Exhibition at CoRK Arts District. She received Outstanding Sculptor Honors from the UNF Faculty upon graduation. Olivia’s gallery work was displayed interstate for the first time in 2019, at Sloss Historic Furnaces, AL.

She continues to participate in projects for the local community, such as the Mayport Road Mural Project.Olivia has participated in many exhibitions, preceding and succeeding graduation.

She is currently on the board of directors for a gallery in Atlantic Beach,Word Revolt. Olivia was employed as the Exhibit Manager at The Museum of Science and History, but recently chose to explore teaching as an Art Teacher at Fort Caroline Middle School.  Looking forward, Olivia plans to attend graduate school.

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