The Devils Box

This is the poster for the Concert

Mark and Sean at the House Concert

Sean and Mark in the Recording studio

Fiddle player Mark Campbell asks for a response from students in the audience at Waterleaf Elementary School as he along with banjo player Sean Franco and guitarist Brett Waller performed for Pre Kindergarten through third grade students in the school auditorium Friday morning. Children at Waterleaf Elementary School were treated to a lesson in old time fiddle, banjo and guitar music Friday morning, February 16, 2018. The performance went beyond simply listening to music, the performers also talked about the origins of the instruments and their place in American history. The program is part of a collaboration between the IAM Residency and Riverside Fine Arts-Project non-profits, and the groups tailor their shows to dovetail with the student’s curriculum. [Bob Self/Florida Times-Union]

I know this sounds like old news but After Mark and Sean led the Inaugural residency at IAM in February 2018, it took me a while to get the webblog up and running. Things happen fast around here but I am built for comfort, not for speed. Here’s a few pics from the Concert poster, the house concert, the recording studio and the outreach program we did for DCPS. Thanks to Bob Self from the Times Union for the photo.

We’ll be releasing the record we recorded here sometime before Christmas 2018 with any luck, So check back with us.

Thanks, Brett