I was invited to design a sculptural installation for the opening of The Bridge School which would be interactive in nature.

The Bridge is a school set up with private funds through the Weaver Foundation as an after school learning center for “at risk” youth with programs in computer learning, health and the arts. It is located in an abandoned Public School building.

The concept was simple. I wanted an interactive piece that the students could participate in, but without complicated or “virtual” computer based electronic elements. It needed to be REAL.

I wanted to represent the journey of life from an “egg” or birth of an idea, into a “wing” which represents action and freedom.

The kids would, upon entering the program at The Bridge would write their dreams or goals onto a piece of paper (chinese ceremonial gold leaf Joss paper in this case). The “egg” shaped cage would be lowered to accept the notes then raised back up to the ceiling height. No one could read or remove the paper once it enters the “egg”. The students would be reminded everyday as they pass the Egg sculpture that their dreams and goals were held within.

Upon graduation from the program, the student would get to sign their name or “Tag” the Wing sculpture in a similar ceremonial act of lowering the sculpture for the occasion. The students could have a visual reminder of those who came before them and succeeded.

I would like to dedicate this sculptural work to the memory of Harold Esposito. Friend. Builder. Comrade.