Having an extremely non-productive day

Whether they are onstage or in the studio and the moment hits when it all comes together you can see their halo. I am fortunate enough to know many artists personally. I buy their art. I am drawn to the flame.

On this Blog, for the indeterminate future, I am going to introduce you to them in hopes that you will love them too.

I have another site which I started when I was teaching illustration here. These are artists that I am aware of and have reposted because I think that students show know them. Go get lost in this one.

This blog will be about artists in my life. My daughter is now an artist and I am teaching her about the life of an artist and showing her their ways and how to find them and learn from them. These are artists I know and part of my life and have affected me and and who I am. I hope you love them too.