IAM Residency is a resource center for the Arts and Social Research. We are located on the Ribault River in Jacksonville, Florida. Our facilities include administrative offices and residence with an extensive research library, a private artist studio/residence attached to a 1500 s.f. workshop with tools and equipment for wood working and metal fabrication., and support vehicles and watercraft for field work.

Our programs are brought to the community through funding by The DEW Foundation and the generous support of people like you.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution of financial support, please click here to donate through our Fiscal Sponsor, Fractured Atlas.


  • Preserve and extend historic knowledge and social practice through tactual experience.
  • Establish an intensive residency program based in traditional techniques and manual arts training for both students and professionals.
  • Create a curriculum of study led by Internationally recognized artists, practicing their respective discipline outside of the academic circles.


  • Teach and expose the community and the public at large to traditional methods and techniques in the arts through the programming at our facility, located on the Ribault River in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Continue our community outreach to bring interdiscipliary arts to Schools, Libraries, and public institutions.

Independent Artist Residency

Housing, studio and workshop space may be made available to artists interested in pursuing an independent pedagogical study towards personal development.

Brett Waller is an artist, designer and program director of IAM Residency. Born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, he received a degree in Sculpture and Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has worked in Film and Production Design in Los Angeles for 30 years. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida where he founded IAM Residency.

Check out Brett’s portfolio to learn more.

Three Rivers Project

An exploration of the lower basin and confluence of the St Johns, Trout and Ribault rivers through sculpture, photography, iIllustration and installation of interdisciplinary works by 7 artists.

Rivers are the connective tissue of the world’s great cities. Like the umbilical cord of Mother Nature, the river provides sustenance to the birth of a city. She delivers nutrients and carries away the waste of the embryo from inception to birth. She remains constant as the organic progression of community life begins and upon which all successive layers of a complex society are built.

The St Johns River and her sisters, The Trout and The Ribault, support the economic backbone of our society with trans-world shipping ports for commercial goods, the oil and gas industry and military bases. They flow through every socio-economic sector of our city, from the poorest backwaters to the poshest marinas and yacht clubs. It is the basis for our tourist trade as an international destination for sport fishing. They have always provided transportation, commerce and recreation equally and without discrimination.

Yet most of the residents of the city see these rivers every day, and simply have no engagement with her in any way.

Now, that the automobile dominates transportation systems for the average person, we are insulated from the natural world by a thin shell of steel and glass. Telecommunication systems seem to have increasingly restricted our awareness of the world around us by placing people in a hypnotic trance of virtual experience.

In this modern world, the River is regarded more as an obstacle of deep mystery or simply a picturesque screenshot, as we speed along on our daily routine in climate-controlled comfort which separates us from our environment.

There are many great rivers in the world. These are ours.

IAM Residency sponsors Th3Rivers Project, an interpretation of the History, Economy and Ecology of the rivers and their impact on us.

Featured Artist

The Passing of Dale Walsh

I never met Dale Walsh, I have been friends with his son Mark for many years. Dale Walsh established the DEW Foundation, which has been a supporter of IAM Residency and our mission, since it's inception in 2017. I thought it fitting to include a Bio in our blog about...

Th3Rivers: A contemporary exploration of the St. John’s River Lower Basin interpreted by 5 Artists

Th3Rivers Project exhibition at the Karpleles Manuscript Museum Jan-Feb 2021 Brett Waller Greg Chapman Jan Tomlison Masters Clark Lundberry Brian Frus