“Confluence” Sculptural Installation at The Bridge School

“Confluence” Sculptural Installation at The Bridge School

I was invited to design a sculptural installation for the opening of The Bridge School which would be interactive in nature.

The Bridge is a school set up with private funds through the Weaver Foundation as an after school learning center for “at risk” youth with programs in computer learning, health and the arts. It is located in an abandoned Public School building.

The concept was simple. I wanted an interactive piece that the students could participate in, but without complicated or “virtual” computer based electronic elements. It needed to be REAL.

I wanted to represent the journey of life from an “egg” or birth of an idea, into a “wing” which represents action and freedom.

The kids would, upon entering the program at The Bridge would write their dreams or goals onto a piece of paper (chinese ceremonial gold leaf Joss paper in this case). The “egg” shaped cage would be lowered to accept the notes then raised back up to the ceiling height. No one could read or remove the paper once it enters the “egg”. The students would be reminded everyday as they pass the Egg sculpture that their dreams and goals were held within.

Upon graduation from the program, the student would get to sign their name or “Tag” the Wing sculpture in a similar ceremonial act of lowering the sculpture for the occasion. The students could have a visual reminder of those who came before them and succeeded.

I would like to dedicate this sculptural work to the memory of Harold Esposito. Friend. Builder. Comrade.
Master Class – Sculpture Residency at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

Master Class – Sculpture Residency at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

Sculpture studio Master Class with Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida
Installing “Spirit of ’76” on the rooftop overlooking the sculpture garden at DASOTA

DASOTA opened a new sculpture studio and sculpture garden on their campus in Jacksonville Florida andI had the honor of being asked to teach a Master Class to the sculpture students as well as display one of my sculptures “Spirit of 76” on the roof of the Library overlooking the newly opened sculpture garden and courtyard.

I spent 8 weeks in the spring semester teaching the class about wireform technique and we designed and built a student led sculpture from design through installation to be on permanent display at the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.

Installation crew with Brett Waller and Khanh Tran the studio arts teacher at DA

It was a fantastic experience for me. I am always learning when I am teaching. What a great school. I wish I had gone to a High School like this.

Thanks to Jackie Cornelius- Principal at DASOTA for making this happen

Special Thank you to Agnes Lopez @posewell photography for taking time out of her busy schedule to make me look good,

…and thanks to my students for teaching me.

The Passing of Dale Walsh

The Passing of Dale Walsh

I never met Dale Walsh, I have been friends with his son Mark for many years. Dale Walsh established the DEW Foundation, which has been a supporter of IAM Residency and our mission, since it’s inception in 2017. I thought it fitting to include a Bio in our blog about him after I learned of his passing. He was an inventor and humanitarian, among other things which made him a standout human on this earth. Here is a brief article by Marialyce Petersen which summarises his many qualities.

“Mark always downplays it whenever I announce proudly to our friends that ‘Mark’s Dad invented the modem!’ but as VP of the then startup US Robotics in Chicago in the late 1980’s, he and a very small team of very early computer nerds did just that. After accomplishing this great success and amassing the wealth that followed, Dale and his wife Edna Mae became foster parents for infants with special needs in the Chicago area. Then, to make an even bigger impact, they formed the DEW Foundation, a charitable organisation which has to date provided millions of dollars to ‘meet pressing needs and fulfil vital missions…promoting the common good worldwide’. Many of our artist friends know the DEW Foundation because of Mark’s role on the Board and his passion for directing foundation funds to the Arts”

Dale Walsh passed away on Oct. 27, 2019 but his legacy lives on through the DEW Foundation and the world he helped change for the better.

Moiré Mandala

IAM Residency helped with the fab and installation of this public art project by Mark Walsh for Pershing Square in Los Angeles.

Pershing Square in Los Angeles is an open public space in the center of Downtown. This piece was designed as a central stage and focal point for performers as a modern “bandstand” complete with integrated lighting and sound system. It was designed by Mark Walsh, an old friend of 30 or more years. IAM Residency helped with fabrication and installation. Moiré Mandala was completed and installed and a good time was had by all. More about this project and other designs by Mark Walsh at the link. https://www.markwalshart.com/bws-gallery/moire-mandala/

Mini Mies Project

Mini Mies Project for IAM Residency – Design:Brett Waller/Sherri McRee

This project was conceived after we were flooded by Hurricane Irma in September 2017 (see previous post). I have always been inspired by the Farnsworth House design by Mies Van Der Rohe, for it’s simplicity and elegance.

Farnsworth House – Design: Mies Van Der Rohe

I also wanted to build an addition here above the high water mark. I set about to recreate the features of the Farnsworth House but on a smaller scale that could still accommodate the living area, bedroom and the utility “core” which includes bathroom, kitchen and HVAC. I had experience restoring Airstream Trailers so I knew that it could be done in a smaller space.

The view from the site for the Mini Mies at IAM Residency

The privacy issue is not really a problem because the IAM Residency is bordered by the Ribault River with a Nature preserve across from us so there are no other houses within view. I began with a Sketchup model using the footprint for the main structure of 12′ x 48′ with 3 indoor spaces of 12′ x 12′ (432 s.f.) for living area plus a 12′ x 12′ porch coupled to a 12′ x 48′ Dock at the seawall.

The plans will be spec’d in CAD and construction of the prototype will be Structural Aluminum I-beam built in a modular style so that the entire unit can be boxed up into a 20′ shipping container and assembled by 2 people, on site, in one week. The container can then be used for a parking structure.

First Friday Film screening: 2 short films by Olympia Stone.

2- one hour docufilms by filmmaker Olympia Stone of Floating Stone Productions


About the art of Elizabeth King, who was one of my Professors at VCU Sculpture back in the day.


About David Beck, who’s work is so amazing and playful at the same time. He passed on to the big tool room in the sky last week. I saw this film a few years ago and first became familiar with Olympia’s unique work as a filmmaker. She has graciously agreed to allow me to screen these films exclusively at IAM Residency next week at 8pm- Friday November 2, 2018. This is a free event but is invite only, so please contact me if you would like to attend.

Old Time Jam at RAM

The 1st ever Old Time Jam at the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville Florida will take place this Saturday, October 20 at 10am-1pm. This jam will become a regular part of the RAM schedule every 3rd Saturday of the month. Hope to see you there. We’ll be right at the front entrance. If you are coming from out of town, RAM is located under the I-95 Fuller Warren bridge which crosses the St. John’s River. Exit off Park St if you are going North on I-95, or exit off Forrest St. if you are heading South on I-95. Hit me up here if you have any questions. I’ll be leading the fiddle tunes on Saturday so I won’t be looking at the computer.

IAM Residency’s – First Friday Film Night “The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover” Next Friday Sept 7, 8pm sharp at Tres Palmas

Next Friday Sept 7 we present this visual delicacy by Peter Greenaway “The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover”. In anticipation of a new venture in my professional life, this month’s film will feature food in a way you’ve never seen it before. Showing is free. Please bring a light delicacy of your own to share.

Anthony Bordain:Parts Unknown episode in Hong Kong will begin the evening at 7pm.

Feature begins at 8pm sharp.

Seating is limited to 12 guests – RSVP